Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Assessments

The Assessment Process organized around 12 specific steps in the assessment process. Through these steps, the counselor seeks to accomplish the following aims:

  • To obtain a more detailed chronological history of past mental symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and impairment, particularly before the onset of substance abuse, and during periods of extended abstinence.
  • To obtain a more detailed description of current strengths, supports, limitations, skill deficits, and cultural barriers related to following the recommended treatment regimen for any disorder or problem.
  • To determine stage of change for each problem and identify external contingencies that might help to promote treatment adherence.
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Twelve Steps in the Assessment Process

Step 1: Engage the client

Step 2: Identify and contact collaterals (family, friends, other providers) to gather additional information

Step 3: Screen for and detect SUD

Step 4: Determine quadrant and locus of responsibility

Step 5: Determine level of care

Step 6: Determine diagnosis

Step 7: Determine disability and functional impairment

Step 8: Identify strengths and supports

Step 9: Identify cultural and linguistic needs and supports

Step 10: Identify problem domains

Step 11: Determine stage of change

Step 12: Plan treatment

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